Rock your bad attitude!

My attitude often sucks but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Seriously most of the time it does. I feel the pressures of work, the struggles with love, the fear of change, the challenge of growth. All these things create a beehive of a crappy attitude.

However that is an epic thing.

Let me unpack this because this is not a whoa is me. It actually is the exact opposite.

This is a message to let you know that the one thing that draws all these together is emotion. If you too feel like you have a bad attitude what you are experiencing is feelings, fear, love, excitement and sadness and host of others. Be more worried if you didn’t.

Look truth is I am generally pretty positive but we all have anxiety, worry and fear and that does make it a challenge to keep it at 100, but those moments that you experience self doubt, worry, loneliness are the moments where you find your truth because they are raw and unfiltered.

The plus side of this is that each time you get passed and move beyond any of those feelings you have overcome it.

The down side it it takes a ton of effort to get through it and that affects your attitude sometimes and that’s ok.

You shouldn’t apologize for feeling off or down. You should never pretend everything is all right when it is not. I see it all the time and these emotions are like a pressure cooker if you don’t let it out it explodes.

So what do we do then? Easy feel the authentic way you are feeling and don’t apologize for it.

Now this is not a license to be a jerk either. You can always be cordial, polite, and kind but you should feel the freedom to feel any sort of way you need.

So ya sometime my attitude sucks and that’s ok!

Best and Happy Holidays,

Shane Griffin CNP ROHP