"I will get to it"

I will “get to it”.

Yep another little ditty that I hear all the time that makes me cra cra.

Grand plans with mythical execution are two things that drive me nuts. Look I have said it too and believed I had valid reasons (excuses) at the time to procrastinate. But here’s the thing.

What you don’t do now still has to get done. We live in a time of instant gratification and if that thing we are “going to get to” doesn’t deliver that ever needed dopamine hit that we get from all the instant gratification. When we are programmed to want and need instant gratification we tend to just kick things down the road.

The problem is we actually are doing more damage than we know, by waiting to execute we lose that ever important thing called time. Time should be measured in your head like a currency. When we have limited or less time to complete things we create anxiety.

You know that last minute racing around in panic mode trying to “get it done”. The day you hit every red light and the person at the counter is brand new so it is taking forever.

Well it is your fault. You are to blame that day. Get done now what is on your plate to do. Don’t wait, don’t delay because all you are doing is cheating yourself. Thinking about a new years resolution, don't wait until new years start now. Are you meaning to call that person to apologize, do it now. Are you planning to start taking your health more serious begin right now. 

Collectively if we all took a pause to try harder at the things we don't want or feel like doing I promise you when the time comes you will appreciate the things you wan to do so much more. There's a thing that happens in your brain when you accomplish something that was hard or difficult. It's called pride and self worth and I can guarantee that when the drug of being proud of yourself fires up there will be no stopping you.

Take away: instant gratification is a drug and the recovery is delayed gratification so do the things that you may not want to or feel like doing so you can enjoy the things you want to later.

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP