Pain is necessary but not permanent

We hear trust the process, or power through it, sometimes it will be said that it will all be worth it.

What we fail to mention that during this process, during the chase and during the challenges there will be pain.

Pain like joy, like sadness and fear are all definite and necessary parts of the process.I used to rush through my emotions, disregard them, ignore them. What I have learned is to  embrace them. All of them.

Along the way if you take the time to feel them, sit with them or as I tell my clients “lean into them” an amazing thing happens. You build a relationship with them. Even the ones you don’t enjoy but because of that relationship you understand them better and can manage them better the next time they happen.

And trust me they will happen all of them and usually when least expected.

So the next time you are struggling or if you are right now please take some advice from a guy who was practically void of this understanding until 8 years ago. Stop, breath, assess and collect your thoughts.

When we try to avoid our emotions we create panic. Panic is a close cousin to demise and when we rush through our feelings or ignore them we are creating panic in our mind and body.

Panic will destroy cognitive thought, panic will destroy reason and worst of all it will destroy hope.

Have an amazing holidays whatever it is you are celebrating, enjoy your family, hug your loved ones, celebrates moments and if you have something that is going on please Stop, breath, assess and collect your thoughts.

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP