Intermittent Fasting


Hey everyone,

Have you tried a lot of restricted diets that left you wondering what was left for you to eat?

Intermittent fasting looks at dieting differently. It is an eating plan that lets you eat what you want with days of fasting woven in. There are different plans that really help customize it to what works best for you.

Fasting may seem like a scary word that doesn’t lead to a lot of benefits, but there are quite a few perks to trying this eating plan.

First off, it jumpstarts your hormones. It lowers insulin levels and increases growth hormone, which helps with muscle mass and bone density. Intermittent fasting also increases a brain hormone, BDNF, that may promote new nerve cells to grow and protect against neurological diseases.

This eating plan also helps you lose weight. In addition to eating less calories you’ll have an increase in metabolic rate, that will burn the calories you take in, more efficiently. It’ll trick your body into burning off your belly fat without restricting your calories on the days that you’re eating. There are studies that suggest that continually eating this way keeps the weight off long term, which is difficult for people to maintain on most diets.

Like other low-calorie diets, eating this way can actually help you live longer. It increases mitochondrial stress, reduces your risk of heart disease, and reduces blood pressure.

If you have been struggling with losing weight or shedding those last few pounds, adding intermittent fasting could reset your body and keep off the weight better than traditional diets without restricting what foods you can eat.

To Your Health,

-The Vitamin Patch Club