Little Rewards Matter

There are few things more rewarding then a job well done. I speak from certainty when I tell you that I used to seek reward and value from possessions, or stories, or grand things.

Over the past decade I have learned to slow down and measure my rewards in the common actions. I still have huge promises to myself about what I want to achieve but those are highlights, milestones, expectations.

All my big goals are just that, big goals, and for every one I hit there are dozens I don’t.

So what does that teach you and I. Well I have learned that it’s the little daily things we do that are as important as the big things we do.

It’s the kindness we share to others, it’s the simple habits we keep that are meant to create a better life for ourselves, both mentally and physically.

It’s the things that seem arbitrary but I can tell you from both sides of the fence if we don’t take pride in these arbitrary tasks. If we don’t make those the moments of reward and prideful then when you do reach that big goal, when you do summit that mountain you worked so hard for that reward will be so fleeting that feeling it will be lost.

The foundation to everything is taking the tasks we have to do, the task that are necessary on a daily basis and doing them with pride, being excited for the things you don’t want to do sometimes offer the biggest reward upon completion.

I mean who wants to shovel your walkway, I bet very few. It’s this little thing that I actually look forward to now because I know I can do it, I can get it done.

Sometimes doing the little things builds you up to a different kind of instant gratification and can be the fuel you require to keep chasing the big goals.

The take aways is that if you don’t care about the little things you will never appreciate the big things.

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP. ROHP