Make time for M&M's

Big plans, Big trips, Big things, and Big goals it seems like we all have them.

That is epic and so important but I have learned that when we have those we forget the M&M’s.

That’s what I call the Mini Moments. Sometimes we can use those Big things as more than goals and as such they become big distractions.

We can get so wrapped up in where we want to be we forget where we are.

I have huge ideas, plans and goals but along they way I have learned that what matters more is to stop, look and realize that it is in this moment where life is happening not the next.

I learned this by accident to be honest mainly because I was so busy working that I only had mini moments to fit in to my schedule.

That being said it was and remains one of the best things I do. Be it stopping to watch the sunset, dangling my feet above the Colorado river while traversing the country by car, taking an hour in the afternoon to take the boat out or just stopping between meetings to take a walk in a forrest.

I have also told people don’t get wanderlust, be wanderfound because in those moments is where you stop, breath, reset and ironically it is also where you find most the answers that contribute to that big thing you are chasing.

I guess what I am suggesting is if you want to get to there you need to better pay attention to where you are first.

My challenge is for the next week each day give yourself a mini moment, take a minute to realize it is ok, you got this and albeit the journey is long, and often hard you can get there provided you take care of yourself along the trip.

Make time for the M&M’s in your life.

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP