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Vitamin Pills vs Vitamin Patches

Vitamin Patches or Pills?

Before we start this blog, let us mention that we are not throwing anything against vitamin pills we are only going to state the facts and facts are that vitamin pills are not the best.

That’s a fact we all learn pretty early on, isn’t it?

If it’s not the super, sugar-filled chewy vitamins we got as kids…Then taking vitamins just isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone (let alone the 40% of Americans who have a real difficulty swallowing pills)

Again, nothing against vitamin pills but let me tell you why they are not the best.

If you’re diligently taking your vitamin pills like you know you should, you’re actually only getting 30% of the vitamins that’s in those pills.

 Here’s why:

Your body filters out all sorts of garbage. And it just so happens, that in order for vitamin pills to make it through your stomach and actually get to your bloodstream, it needs a bunch of artificial additives.  

Unfortunately, while these pills need all these additives to be even a little bit effective, your body also hates all these additives. And does its best to destroy them.

That’s why when you take your pills, only 30% of the vitamins actually are used by your body.

Pretty lame, huh?

That’s why we came up with Vitamin Patch Club

It’s scientifically proven to get you 90% of the vitamins you’re taking, plus you never have to deal with choking down pills or gagging on the chalky taste.

The patch is based on the science of “transdermal absorption”.


That’s just a fancy way of saying you get vitamins through your skin, not your mouth.

It’s the exact same principle that’s used in nicotine patches to help smokers quit. 

And, it’s by far the most convenient way to take vitamins. You just slap on a patch, and go about your day 
while it does its thing.


This means you get the vitamins you need without interrupting your day at all.

Cool, huh?

You can check out some of our Vitamin Patches here, including our B Complex Patch, Vitamin D, and Biotin.

Thank you for tuning in to our blog and again don't forget every Mondaywe will have awesome information posted here. 

- Vitamin Patch Club

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