What do vitamins actually do?

What Do Vitamins Actually Do?

Are they that Important?

Look, taking vitamins is this thing we all know we "should" be doing. But we're never really told "why"... Well, think about it like this:

Your body is like a car.

To work properly, your car needs gasoline, oil, brake fluid, coolants, and bunch of other gooey, liquidy stuff.

What happens to the car if it starts running out of these liquids? 

Well... if you run out of gas, your car flat out stops moving. If you run out of oil, your engine might get stuck and seize up (and costs a LOT of money to fix). 


If you run out of coolant, your car overheats, etc...

Each of these fluids has a specific purpose in keeping your car happy. That’s exactly what vitamins are like for your body. Each vitamin has a specific purpose, and when you run low on that nutrient, your body takes on damage.

If you're low on B12, you might experience low energy and "mental fog".

If you’re low on Vitamin D, you might experience a higher tendency for depression and weight gain.


If you’re not getting enough Biotin, you may experience brittle nails, and unhealthy hair.


In my experience, most people just don’t get enough of these essential vitamins…

That’s exactly why we created the Vitamin Patch, so you can slap it on when you start your day, and get a full day’s worth of nutritional value…

...so you can feel better, have more energy, and have the peace of mind that you’re staying healthy.

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That's it for today everyone! 

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